“The Himalayas. These, the highest mountains of the world, like other great ranges, were created by the collisions of continents.”

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“Midway through their trip, after more than a thousand hours amongst the penguins, their grip on reality is beginning to loosen.”

Frozen Planet, behind the scenes.

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These two are renewing their bonds after months apart. Wandering Albatross pair up in their teens and can spend a further fifty years together - one of the longest partnerships in the animal world.

"It takes stones of all shapes and sizes to build a decent nest, and finding ones that are just right is not easy. So, some penguins turn to a life of crime. The one who has been robbed seems unaware that the thief is just over his shoulder and looking for more. The thief’s nest is coming along nicely, probably because he keeps a particularly sharp look out for robbers - after all, it takes one to know one."


Each crystal forms around a particle of dust. All have a 6-fold symmetry, but no two have ever been found with exactly the same shape. Their variety and complexity is breathtaking.

Frozen Planet, 1.01

Only 1% of Antarctica is free of ice, and most of that bare rock is here. The Dry Valleys are more like the surface on Mars than is any other place on Earth.

Frozen Planet, To the Ends of the Earth

“The poles are permanently capped with ice. Nowhere is colder, windier or more hostile to life. I’m standing at the North Pole, the very top of the Earth. Up here, it’s easy to see why the polar regions are so cold - the sun never rises high enough in the sky to warm my back.”

- Frozen Planet, 1.01